Marriage Ministry
Worthington Christian Church has created a Marriage Ministry team dedicated to serving pre-married and married couples in our fellowship. The mentoring programs, classes and events we offer are designed to assist couples with strengthening their relationship with each other and with God.

The overall Marriage Ministry consists of three teams that work closely together for the purpose of promoting God's plan for the marriage relationship:

  • One team, Marriage Mentoring, focuses on the pre-marriage stage, where couples who are engaged & planning a marriage are paired with experienced, trained Marriage Mentor couples to go thru a 7 session program designed to help them get started on the right foot.
  • Another team, Restoring your Marriage, focuses more on the "repairing" stage of the marriage relationship where mentor couples are also assigned to move alongside the couple seeking advice & mentorship to help them to repair & revitalize their relationship. Please contact or for more information.
  • The third team in the ministry, Marriage Matters, is designed to appeal to those folks kind of in the middle, where the focus is on taking a good relationship to a great relationship, according to God's plan.





Additional Resources & Contact Information
If you believe that you and your spouse could benefit from our marriage mentoring program, or if you have a marriage in crisis and need to speak with someone immediately, please contact for more information.


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