Send Me!
April/May 2017

What is "Send Me" and why do we do it?

Great question. Probably the best answer can be summed up by Christian writer, Wayne Gillis, who closed a thought-provoking article about servanthood with this:

"I wonder what would happen if we — both individually and as churches — asked ourselves, 'How can I give myself away for the gospel today?' We just might just turn the world upside down."

"Turn the world upside down" — this is what we want to do in our neighborhood and community through "Send Me" — we want to ask how we can give ourselves away for the gospel today.Our hope with each Send Me event is that the experience will inspire you to continue to volunteer/support that particular project throughout the year!

That said, we realize that not everyone has the time or ability to participate in our service projects. That's okay! You can still participate by offering your support through donations and prayer. Please visit our donation page to see what items each project needs, otherwise, we encourage you to prayfully consider a volunteering for a service project and making a positive impact in our community this season!

Send Me for Fall 2017 is the month of October.

Send Me Projects

Send Me Projects
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