Old School

We’re going ‘Old School’ for our next sermon series. We’re going to go back to the beginning — the VERY beginning — and take a look at Genesis. In this 6-week series we are going to look at:

  1. Creation (Beginnings — Genesis 1)
  2. Adam & Eve (The Fall of Man — Genesis 2-3)
  3. Cain & Abel (In God’s Eyes — Genesis 4)
  4. Noah (The Flood — Genesis 6)
  5. Abraham & Sarah (Chosen People — Genesis 12-23)
  6. Isaac & Rebekah (Blessed Firstborn — Genesis 22-25)

Together, we will go ‘old school’ and rediscover the lessons and timeless truths found in the Book of Genesis!

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Questions to consider about this week’s sermon:

God gave a great blessing to Abram (who will eventually be called Abraham). What part of the blessing sticks out to you most?

God told Abram to leave the comfortability that he was used to and verse 4 says, “so Abram went.” In what ways do you feel God calling you to leave your comfort zone? What do you think would happen if you moved in this direction?

In verse 7 God gives Abram a glimpse into the future. If you could have a glimpse into the future, what would you like to have answered?

Read Galatians 3:6-9. Verse 7 says “those who have faith are children of Abraham.” What does it mean to be “children of Abraham?” What does that encompass?

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