Kids Ministry

Infants to 5th Grade
Our Kids Ministry is committed to “Growing Children in Christ.” We believe every child should have the opportunity to “grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). Our desire is to help children grow to love Jesus, to live like Jesus and to live for Jesus!

Sunday Mornings & Security
We take the security of the children in our care very seriously. Parents, please stop by the Checkpoint Station at the entrance to the Education Wing and we will create a name badge for your child and assign them to the appropriate class. From there we can direct you to that class or answer any questions that you may have.

For more information about our seasonal events and our Sunday Bible Classes, please visit our Kids Ministry page.

Kids Sunday School has resumed!

Because we will be practicing social distancing and space is limited, registration is requested for children to attend Sunday School. You may register your child for Kids Sunday School when you sign-up to attend in-person worship. More info will be posted soon on Facebook, Instagram (so be sure to give us a like/follow) and at the Kids Ministry webpage.

NOTE: Direct entrances to the Education Wing from the parking lot will not be available. You must enter the Education Wing from the Lobby.

Gratitude Photo Scavenger Hunt

The Kids Ministry invites you to participate in ‘Fall Gratitude,’ a photo scavenger hunt during the month of November. The rules are simple:

  • Take a photo of everything on the list. (Yes, you and your family can be in the photo. Have fun and be creative!)
  • Post that photo on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  • Space out your posts over the entire month of November. Maybe post a photo every week or every other day.
  • Talk to your family about why you’re grateful for each item on the list.

Remember, there’s no rush to take these photos and get them posted on social media — you have the entire month of November to work on it as a family. For more detailed information on the rules of Fall Gratitude (including the list of items to photograph), please download this PDF.

Prayerful November

Parents, we encourage you to download our “Prayerful November” PDF and use it with your child to help guide them in their prayers and thanksgiving this month! It’s also a great way to open up faith-based discussions that can lead to significant spiritual growth and a better understanding of God and His word for your child. Download it today!

Advent Activity: The Gift

Christmas is just around the corner and we know it’s an important time of year for kids and their families. This year, due to COVID, we have had to cancel our traditional ‘Breakfast with Jesus’ but we wanted to offer you a family-oriented event that will both be safe and fun for everyone!

On Sunday, November 29 the Kids Ministry will pass out a Christmas kit to each family. We are calling this kit “The Gift” and it will contain supplies (wood & nails) and instructions for parents and kids to build a manger. Parents can pick up the kit after each service on that Sunday. The purpose of ‘The Gift‘ is to give parents a chance to teach kids about hard work, perseverance and (most importantly) why the manger is so important to our faith. Also included in this kit will be a list of possible Christmas activities, service opportunities and devotionals.

The first activity will be to build your manger. Then, during the days and weeks leading up to Christmas, you can display the manger inside (or outside) your home. The goal is to collect items to give away and donate them the week of (or immediately after) Christmas. Some of the suggested ideas are to collect canned goods to a food pantry, hats & gloves to a shelter or baby items to PDHC. Don’t worry — we will give you plenty of suggestions of places that could use some extra help!

For more details, please download this helpful PDF! Questions? Please contact Carrie Wiley.

Kids Ministry Video Announcement!

Ms. Carrie has a lot to say in this week’s announcement!

Last Sunday we welcomed back our Nursery & 2 year olds. This Sunday, Oct. 11 the 3-4 year olds will be back in class. On Oct. 18, we will say ‘hello!’ to our 5’s and Kindergarten kids. Then, on Oct. 25 we will add our 1st-5th graders.

Because we will be practicing social distancing and space is limited, children will be required to register to attend Sunday School. More info will be posted soon on Facebook, Instagram and on our website.

Also, we’re excited to announce details about our upcoming Fall CARnival. For details, please watch the video!

Interested in Volunteering?

Impact Opportunities


Our Youth Ministry sees value and purpose in everyone. We are dedicated to helping students (6th-12 grade) to continue to mature in their faith by equipping them with the biblical knowledge, life lessons and healthy relationships that they will carry with them into college and further into adulthood.

Per the guidance offered by our government, the CDC, and our leadership at WCC, we are temporarily moving our services and programming online. But simply because we aren’t meeting physically doesn’t mean we won’t do everything in our ability to continue to minister to our students and families through the many digital platforms that we have access to.


Parents, you may have received a letter in the mail recently requesting updated info about your student. Why are we asking for this? Because it is our goal to always provide you with the best information about WCCYouth and communicate that message to you as clearly as possible.

Please fill out our information form today! Thanks!


  • Facebook: @WCCUthMinistry – various conversation starters and helpful content.
  • Instagram: @wccyth – “Mid-week Minute Message” with Will on Wednesdays at noon and daily content, encouragement, giveaways.
  • YouTube: WCC Youth OnDemand episodes for games, teaching, and encouragement.

We’ll communicate updates and provide additional resources on the WCCYouth webpage. You can also contact Will Ellis with questions.


Sometimes knowing what to do is easy. Other times, it isn’t. At some point in our lives, all of us will find ourselves in a situation where we simply don’t know what to do. This summer, WCCYTH will be looking at the real story of a guy in the Bible who often found himself in situations where knowing what to do probably wasn’t very simple.

His name? Joseph.

Every week we’ll publish short teaching videos on a variety of topics. Students and their parents will be encouraged to watch the video and have a conversation about the subject presented. You can find the video on YouTubeInstagram, and Facebook. You can also subscribe to our texting service to get regular updates by sending ‘WCCYTH’ to 833-942-1757.

Join us on YouTube LIVE every Sunday evening!

Middle School

Our Middle School Ministry (MSM) is our weekly Life Group environment for 6-8th grade students. Each week, students will experience a combination of food, games, teaching, and small group time with peers and caring adults. Our goal is that students would find a place of meaningful connection and discovery of who God has made them to be. We meet at 11:00 AM in rm. 296 in the Student Education Wing so feel free to stop in and join us!

Throughout the year we also have multiple events that students can participate in. Some of these events require advance registration and/or a completed Student Participation Form on file, but ALL of them are open to any 7th or 8th grader interested in joining us.

If you have any questions about our Life Groups or upcoming events, please contact Will Ellis. To get more in depth information our our MSM, please visit our WCCYouth webpage.

Middle School Events
High School

Our High School Ministry (HSM) Life Groups is designed with students in grades 9-12 in mind. Each week, students will experience a place where they can bring a friend, eat some great food, and interact in meaningful time of teaching and connection with other students and caring adults. Our HSM Life Groups meet on Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:00 PM in rm. 296 in our Student Education Wing.

Throughout the year we also have multiple events that students can participate in. Some of these events require advance registration and/or a completed Student Participation Form on file, but ALL of them are open to any high school student interested in joining us.

If you have any questions about our Life Groups or upcoming events, please contact Will Ellis. To get more in depth information our our HSM, please visit our WCCYouth webpage.

High School Events

Want more information about our WCCYouth Life Groups?

We’d love to get your student connected to a WCCYouth Life Group! Just complete the form below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

WCCYTH Information Request

Looking for the WCCYouth Student Participation Agreement?

Download it here!

WCCYouth Student Participation Agreement


Young Adults (18- to 23-years old)

Sunday Morning:
Before the world adopted social distancing rules due to COVID-19, our college-age students met at 9:45 in rm. 160 every Sunday morning. During this casual meeting, we use a discussion format to learn applicable teaching from God’s Word. Our college-age students are in the midst of all kinds of life transition and this group is a way to connect with people in the same phase of life! Our group also gathers throughout the year for events including summer cookouts, Christmas party, etc.

Our Young Adults group is not currently meeting on-campus. However, if you are in college, trade-school, or have begun work right after High School and would like to learn more about us and how we’re meeting now, please contact Patti Remaklus.

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