Vacation Bible School 2020

Listen… Do you hear it coming? That distant chug, chug… CHOO! CHOO! That’s the sound of this year’s Vacation Bible School “Rocky Railway” coming down the tracks! We’re so excited that the theme for this year’s VBS is ROCKY RAILWAY and we invite you to hop on board for as we discover how Jesus’ power pulls us through!

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a week dedicated to teaching children about God. Through music & song, Bible lessons, skits and various activities, we share the good news that God loves YOU to each and every child.

Our goal each and every year is for each child who comes to VBS to have a positive, meaningful experience that will stick with them for the rest of their life. Most of the children who attend VBS at Worthington Christian Church do not regularly attend our church. Some of them don’t go to church at all. This is our chance to lift them up with a positive message about how wonderfully loved they are.

It is for this reason that we offer VBS free of charge to the children in our community. We consider it our privilege to share God’s great love to each and every child that walks through our door.

VBS: July 12-18

During the week of July 12-18, Worthington Christian Church will provide video and downloadable resources for families to enjoy a three day Vacation Bible School experience in their very own homes. We know many of you will take advantage of this unique opportunity and we promise it will be awesome, but there is another opportunity we want you to be aware of and we think this will really make your VBS amazing!

Be a VBS Backyard Host!

If you lead a Life Group with children, or if you have neighbor kids living nearby, why not “host” a backyard VBS? Simply gather your Life Group kids, or invite a few children from the neighborhood over to your backyard (per the Governor’s guidelines), and hop on board the Rocky Railway together! In addition to all the family resources that will be available on, we will also provide you with a hands on packet of extra special resources to make your 3-Day Backyard Experience both memorable and fun!

Interested? If so, please register as a host at and we will provide you additional details. Registration to be a host family will be open from Sunday, May 31 through Monday, June 15.

Register to be a host family

NOTE: Registration is NOT required if you don’t plan to serve as a host family for Backyard VBS, but we would like to notify you when new resources are available. Please stop by the exploreVBS website and click the ‘Participate at Home’ button to submit your email address.

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First-time VBS Participants: Our average attendance during VBS week is around 1,100, with some days seeing attendance close to 1,500. While VBS is divided into two sessions, things can get pretty busy before, and after, each session. You will see a lot of parents and children in the parking lot and throughout the building. If you are doing a walk-in registration, plan to arrive early. There will be a line.

Parking: If you are dropping your child off for VBS, you will be directed to park the BACK parking lot off of Highbluffs Blvd. A uniformed Columbus police officer and VBS volunteers will direct traffic and guide you to available parking spots — please be patient and follow their directions as their primary job is to ensure the safety of parents and children as they walk from their car into the building.

Child Pick-up: Traffic on Rt. 23 can get busy, which means you might run late picking up your child after VBS. No worries! All we ask is that you please call the church office (614-885-8389) to let us know that you are running late so we can inform both your child and their Crew Leader. A volunteer will wait with your child until you arrive.

Open & Closing Ceremony: The Opening and Closing Ceremony for VBS is a big deal. (Especially the last Opening and Closing Ceremony on the last day of VBS.) We encourage you to stick around to see either the Opening or Closing Ceremony at least once. It’ll get LOUD and WILD, but the kids love it! (Have your camera ready.)

Parent Lounge: We do offer a Parent Lounge for parents who wish to stay while their children attend VBS. A Crew Leader can guide you to the Parent Lounge.

Follow Jesus Together.