Family Resources

RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a streaming library of Bible study videos available for FREE to all Worthington Christian Church members. You can find a wide variety of study and training video resources about marriage, finances, parenting, recovery and leadership as well as studies specifically for children and youth. Many of the studies have been authored by names you are most likely familiar with such as Kyle Idleman, Francis Chan, Dr. Tony Evans, Jennie Allen, Matt Chandler and Bianca Juarez Olthoff.

RightNow Media can be streamed to FireTV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android and iPhone/iPad.


RightNow Media Suggestions for Kids

Seeds Family Worship

Seeds Family Worship is music-based ministry that creates modern word for word scripture songs and videos to help kids memorize the Bible!

Seeds Family Worship creates fun, energetic worship music and videos to word-for-word scripture for kids, families, & children’s ministries. We have a library of 187 songs and 274 videos that make memorizing the Bible easy and fun! Our songs are written for kids but made to be enjoyed by the whole family. Seeds Family Worship is a ministry on a mission to see God’s Word, the Bible, planted in as many homes and hearts as possible around the world.

Family Worship at Home

Family Worship at Home is a six-episode series of ready-made Family Worship Moments from Dave and Jess Ray, creators of Doorpost Songs. Each episode includes a theme verse, song videos, hand motions, and short, interactive teaching moments. Download the included Family Worship Guide PDF, the companion resource for parents, which includes memory verses, devotions, follow up questions, and prayer ideas.

Doorpost Songs

Doorpost Songs, is on a mission to help families make God’s word a part of their everyday lives, and to equip churches with awesome worship resources. It starts with fun, engaging, contagiously singable songs based entirely on Scripture. Out of those songs come family worship kits, lyric videos, music resources and more to help families worship together

Yancy's Little Praise Party

Yancy’s Little Praise Party is about inviting young hearts to a relationship with Jesus by beginning a foundation of theology through the discipline of worship. She wrote these songs and crafted these arrangements with an intentional focus to this phase of life. You’ll find songs with rich truth you want your family to take to heart like “With Me Every Day”, “On & On” and “Oh I Know.” Yancy’s music is described as "everything kids love and everything adults value.” This is music you want your kids to listen to and love. The bonus is you will too! Yancy’s fun personality and colorful style engages kids to make Jesus loud! Now, let’s have a Little Praise Party!

RightNow Media Suggestions for Youth


Teenagers are constantly advised toward one extreme after another. Their parents and teachers likely push them toward maturity and responsibility. Friends usually suggest conformity to peers and pursuing that which will bring the most immediate pleasure. The image portrayed by many musicians, actors, and athletes glorifies sex and drugs and untamed selfishness. With all of these conflicting views, how does a Christian teenager decide how to live?

In Decisions, Eric Mason encourages students to make every decision out of a worldview shaped by God's Word and centered around our Savior, Jesus. Eric calls teens to abandon the idea that choices made in youth are temporary and meaningless, and instead to make decisions now that will impact both their lives and God's Kingdom for eternity.

NOTE: This series is intended for High School aged teenagers. Please preview the material, especially if you are planning to show it to Middle School aged youth.

Dream Big

Girls, what do you want to be when you grow up?

It was an easy question to answer when you're a little girl, but life gets complicated over time. When you get stuck in drama, discontentment, sadness, and shame, how can you even begin to look ahead to the future?

In Dream Big, author, Bible teacher, and Founder of IF:Gathering, Jennie Allen, inspires teen girls to throw off everything that holds them back and be energized by God's dreams for them. Connecting Scriptures from the New Testament with everyday life, Jennie talks about the big and small ways they can use their unique gifts, spend time with God, and have fun giving His love away. Each session features real-life stories of girls who have struggled to overcome obstacles and find meaning in their lives, but are beginning to see God's vision unfold.

Dreaming big isn't about the perfect job or a glamorous life “some day.” Dreaming big starts now. When girls are secure in who Christ made them to be and believe in what God can do in and through them, they will grow in confidence, create community, and accomplish great things.

NOTE: The real-life stories in this series contain mature themes.


Today’s world tells teens to walk around life with a mirror in front of their face. They question their looks, persona, and acceptance nonstop, thinking that one more post on social media might gain people’s attention. Money and possessions become badges of wealth and worth that teenagers fight to wear. This obsession with self can even take a dark turn, spiraling into depression or suicide. Living with eyes glued on yourself will only lead to one thing: death.

God offers an alternative to the mirror. When God rules over our lives, he flips everything upside down. His kingdom looks nothing like the ways of the world—everything orients around loving him and serving others. Storing up possessions becomes obsolete and money has different value in God’s economy. Recognizing God as king changes the entirety of our lives.

In Different, Jonathan Evans will walk students through the parables in Luke to teach what it looks like for God to rule our lives. Though a life sold out for Christ might look backwards to everyone else, it actually points us back to how God intended our lives to be when he first created us. When God is king, he reverses the curse and flips everything we know on its head. We simply have to choose to follow his lead.


Teen guys want to be courageous and brave. In an era of superhero movies, they strive to be characterized by fearlessness, confidence, and power, like Captain America or Iron Man. But boldness is empty bravado when not used in the way God intended.

In Bold, a 4-part video Bible study series, pastor Joby Martin uses Scripture to teach teen guys that their desires to be bold are not without a purpose. They were created to play a part in God’s redemptive work in the world and live courageously for the cause of God’s Kingdom. God has empowered guys to live a life of boldness—in their faith, with their words, to share the truth, and through prayer. Because our God is so powerful, young men who follow Christ can—and must—live boldly in the world.