Growing children in Christ

Birth to 5th grade

If you're like most parents, you have probably wondered, "Are my kids really growing in their faith?"

You're not the first parent to ask yourself that and you won't be the last. As a Kids Ministry, we also have to ask ourselves, "How do we do that?"

A child growing in their faith is the "big win" for you as a parent and us as a ministry. It's the one thing that we, as a ministry team (and you as a parent), want to achieve. As we develop curriculum and special events throughout the year, the goal of growing a child's faith is what we keep in mind at all times.

So, what is our definition of the "big win?" It is when a child takes a step toward owning their faith.

We say "take a step" for a reason. Spiritual growth isn't like school where you attend class for two semesters and move up a grade the following year. This is a life-long journey and no two journeys are identical. We win anytime a child takes a single step closer to owning their own faith.

Owning Your Faith

To encourage a child to own their own faith we must first teach them four spiritual habits:

  • Spend time with God. This means opening the Bible on their own, having conversations with God on their own, and/or discovering how they best connect with God through worship on their own.
  • Spend time with others. Engaging in healthy community can, and should, be a spiritual habit we help our kids develop. This is about growing in Christlike relationships with everyone.
  • Use your gifts. Kids need to know that God made them unique and special with really specific gifts, talents, passions and resources. And they need to be encouraged to use these gifts to love God, love others and influence the world around them.
  • Share your story. Kids need to learn how to talk about God with others. Sharing your story is a spiritual habit of making faith a regular topic of conversation in their lives.

We count it as a win whenever a kid takes a step toward owning their faith by practicing one, or maybe even all four, of these spiritual habits.

Sunday Mornings

9:45 & 11:11 AM


For the first 2+ years of life, we focus on making a child’s and parent’s experience at church a positive and safe one! We offer our nursery at 9:45 and 11:11 AM.


During the Sunday morning services at 9:45 and 11:11 AM we offer a preschool ministry where kids can learn about Jesus at their level.

Elementary (K-5th grade)

Kids (K-5th grade) will meet for fun, engaging and kid-friendly worship services during the Sunday morning services at 9:45 and 11:11 AM.
NOTE: We offer a soundproof cry room (located in the back of the Worship Center) that parents can use if they want to keep young children with them during services.

Security & Your Child

We take the security of the children in our care very seriously. Parents, please stop by the Checkpoint Station at the entrance to the Education Wing and we will create a name badge for your child and assign them to the appropriate class. From there we can direct you to that class or answer any questions that you may have.

What is Checkpoint?
Checkpoint is a computerized check-in system for those children attending our Sunday morning Bible classes. Checkpoint produces name badges/security tags for each individual child who attends a class. Name badges/security tags are coded with numbers and are used during the check-in and check-out process to match child and parent. In addition, Checkpoint assigns each child to the appropriate class and prints that information on the child’s name badge along with any allergies, special needs or concerns.

Volunteers & Staff
All volunteers and staff that work in the Kids Ministry are required to undergo a thorough background check before allowing them to teach, or be in contact with, your children.
If you have any questions, please contact Carrie Wiley or Cindy Baker.

Kids Ministry 2023 Calendar

Our current Bible study series:

One Small Step

The Early Church | May 2024

Astronaut Neil Armstrong once said landing on the moon was “one small step for man.” The biggest adventures start in such a simple way — especially when it comes to space! Asteroids, distant planets, and brand new galaxies await us once we leave earth’s atmosphere. Being the first to explore such uncharted territory can be intimidating.

In this four-week series, we’ll take a look at the Book of Acts to learn from the first Christians. Through their stories of faith and bravery, kids will learn how to take the first step of believing in Jesus, the next step of praying for others, and an even bigger step of trusting the Holy Spirit makes us brave. But they won’t want to skip the last step of telling others about Jesus.

Memory verse for the month: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." Psalm 19:1

Kids Ministry classes meet at 9:45 and 11:11 AM every Sunday. Questions? Please contact Carrie Wiley.

Summer Kick-off Bash

Thursday, May 30 at 10:00 AM

Moms of kiddos (birth through elementary school) are invited to join us this summer as we launch our brand new moms group, ‘WCC Moms!’ We have lots of events planned that will be fun for both you and your little ones.

Join us as we celebrate the beginning of summer at the Big Meadows Picnic Area at Highbanks Metro Park! You and your kids will love this shaded playground and popular zipline. Popsicles will be provided.

Questions? Please contact Amy Carter.

Summer Camp

Round Lake Christian Camp

Now is a great time to make plans for your son or daughter to attend Summer Camp at Round Lake!

  • 1st & 2nd Grade Day Camp: July 2
  • 2nd & 3rd Grade Overnight Camp: June 30-July 1
  • 3rd & 4th Grade Camp: June 9-11
  • 5th & 6th Grade Camp: July 14-19
  • Preschool: August 3

Registration for Summer Camp at Round Lake will begin on Tuesday, March 5 through their website.

45 Crew

Monthly Discipleship Group

Our 45 Crew is on summer break! We will resume meeting once school begins.

Check for details in late August. Questions? Please contact Cindy Baker.

Vacation Bible School

Sunday, July 7 to Thursday, July 11

6:00 to 8:30 PM

We're hard at work planning for VBS 2024 beginning Sunday, July 7 to Thursday, July 11 from 6:00 to 8:30 PM. This year's theme is 'Scuba: Diving into Friendship with God!'

We are so excited to invite your children back for another fun week of Vacation Bible School. We will have lots of great Bible lessons, crafts, games, and outdoor activities. All children between the ages of 3 (must be potty trained) and 5th grade are invited to join us.

Child registration has begun!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to use the form below to contact us.

Volunteer Registration has begun!

We (literally) can't do VBS without our volunteers! In fact, the number of kids we are able to register for VBS is directly related to how many volunteers we have available during VBS week.

So, if you are available to volunteer during the week of July 7 to July 11, please consider signing up. Even if you can only help out for one day, your service is needed.

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