LifeCare Counseling

When your life isn't working...

Today, more than ever, we are experiencing changes in our lives that can seem unbearable. When you feel your life isn’t working ask yourself…

  • Do the emotional burdens you carry seem to control your moods and behaviors?
  • Are you feeling stretched to the limit in your home or work life?
  • Does a specific situation in your life feel overwhelming or hopeless?
  • Do you need someone to talk to? 

LifeCare Counseling, founded in 2011, is a ministry of Worthington Christian Church. We offer a safe place to gather the courage to tell your story. Acknowledging how our personal pain affects us is the first step on the road to recovery, reconciliation, and healing.

When your life is not working… LifeCare can help. Call us at (614) 885-9417 and begin your journey towards healing.

About LifeCare

LifeCare Counseling is a ministry of Worthington Christian Church (WCC). It is comprised of state-licensed counselors who are active members of WCC.

Our team specializes in helping people to grow, healing the brokenness in individuals, families, couples, groups, and children. We use clinically sound methods of education and counseling that are consistent with the principle doctrines of the Christian faith. We respectfully welcome anyone regardless of faith, orientation, or culture who are seeking to create a more effective and purposeful life.

Just as a physician is bound by privacy practices, we as state-licensed mental health professionals are also mandated to keep your information confidential. No information at any time will be shared with anyone without your expressed consent and signed release of information.

Counseling sessions will meet at Worthington Christian Church in a private setting. Details about where to go will be supplied upon scheduling an appointment.

Counseling Fees

It is the client's responsibility for the prompt payment of fees. Many therapists will discontinue the treatment if fees are chronically unpaid. Fees for counseling vary depending upon the type of service requested (for example, individual therapy, group counseling, and assessment). If you are unable to afford the fees of a private practitioner, and qualify for a scholarship discount, a sliding scale based upon your income may be used at the therapist’s discretion. The counselor will discuss this with you in detail if you qualify.

The regular base fee for counseling services is $60/session with a licensed mental health professional. You may incur additional costs if you and your therapist agree that utilizing additional psychological assessment or testing would be beneficial.

Each session generally consists of 50 minutes. In order to keep costs low our counseling center does not accept insurance or managed care plans. All fees are to be paid at the time services are rendered by cash or personal check. Scholarship eligibility is evaluated on a case by case basis. Limited resources are available for assistance. Your therapist will review and discuss your financial responsibilities at the time of service and may adjust the fee if appropriate.

A fee will be charged for appointments canceled or missed unless notice of such cancellation is received by the office at least 24-hours prior to the time scheduled (since such time is reserved for the client’s exclusive use) except, of course, if your absence is due to an accident or illness. Phone contacts will be billed at the client’s hourly rate but face-to-face interviews at the office are preferred.

LifeCare is a professional counseling program located at Worthington Christian Church

Our professionally licensed mental health providers are currently taking new clients. If you are interested in speaking with someone from the Lifecare team please call and leave a detailed voicemail at (614) 885-9417. Their intake coordinator will call you back and link you with a therapist.

If your need is emergent or life threatening, please do NOT leave a message on the voicemail, as it is checked twice per day. Instead, take the following steps:

  • Dial 911 for your local emergency responders.
  • Call Netcare at 614-276-2273.
  • Go to your local Emergency Room.

For all other needs, please leave your name and phone number and they will contact you within the next 24 hours.