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We believe that the most important decision we can make on this side of eternity is to follow Jesus, and the best way to do that is together!

REACH is about re-envisioning our space to reach everyone — you, your family & our community — with the love and truth of Jesus. After much prayer and consideration, we have embraced this vision of the future and invite you to join us!

Log into Realm

Upon clicking the button above or below, you will be taken to an online pledge form. The first thing you will want to do is to sign into Realm if you have a Realm account. A link to log in can be found in the upper right of the Pledge Form.

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with Realm, or need to create an account, please visit our Realm page for information. You may also visit the Realm support page for information on a wide variety of topics.

If you are unfamiliar with how to give through Realm, please visit our Giving page or check out the Support page for Realm giving.

Questions? Please contact us at any time.

The Pledge Form

Once you get to the REACH pledge form, you have two options – you can select ‘As Can’ or ‘Set a Schedule.’ The ‘As Can’ option is generally used for a one-time gift OR for those who have a total pledge amount in mind.


  • If someone wants to give $5,000 total they can choose to do that all at once, or divvy it out over a few weeks or months – it’s a pay “as you can” system. 
  • If someone wants to give an extra amount per week or per month, they can do that with ‘Set a Schedule.’ They may choose to give an extra $50 per week or $200 every three months, etc.


If you select ‘As Can’ simply input the dollar amount you wish to pledge, then provide your name and primary email address – then hit, ‘SAVE PLEDGE.’


The process is very much the same as ‘As Can’ if you select the ‘Set a Schedule’ option, however, your giving frequency options are:

  • Every Week
  • Every Two Weeks
  • Every Month
  • Twice a Month
  • Every Three Months
  • Annually

Once you input how much you wish to pledge, how often, and your contact information, just click on the blue ‘Save Pledge’ button.

A confirmation screen will appear and an email confirmation will be sent to your inbox.


At the confirmation screen you will see an option under ‘Before you go…’ to add an online gift to fulfill your pledge. This is where you will have the option to fulfill your pledge today, or schedule multiple smaller gifts until the end of the pledge drive on March 19, 2025. This option will come up for both the ‘As Can’ and ‘Set a Schedule’ pledge choices.

If you select ‘Give multiple Times’ you will notice that your total pledge amount will appear in the ‘Amount’ field at the top of the box. You may edit this amount as needed for however often you wish to schedule your multiple gifts.

Adjust your giving amount and frequency as needed to reach your pledge goal by the end of the REACH Initiative pledge drive on March 19, 2025, then click the blue ‘Continue’ button to be taken to a form asking for your payment information.

You may pay via credit/debit card or electronic check through your bank account. Once you have provided your payment information, simply click the blue button on the lower right.

That’s it! You’re done! If you have any questions, please feel free to use the form below to contact us.
Payment options
Pledge Confirmation screen and

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